Rocky Waters But Smooth Sailing

February 14th, 2013 jcoppock-admin


Your wedding day is supposed to be a day of beauty. The weather should cooperate, your hair should be flawless, the car should not be late, the food should be great, and the celebratory drinks should be flowing.


However, this year many people had a literal storm cloud over their wedding days. Hurricane Sandy affected many brides by destroying New Jersey shore wedding venues, disabling local wedding vendors, even displacing some of the couples and those close to them from their homes.


When a tragedy like Sandy happens, people need pick me ups, especially if the happiest day of their lives has just been completely turned upside down. The catering team at the Atlantis Ballroom in Toms River, NJ, was recently given an opportunity to help one woman rescue her big day.


Megan, a Florida resident, was not expecting to have to alter every plan she had made for her wedding. Megan held an intimate ceremony in Key West, which was to be followed by a New Jersey wedding reception one week later. Everything was planned; music, food, guests, venue. Then, when her venue was destroyed by a flood she had to go to plan B. But what was plan B?


One email to Tracy Blumenstock, from the Atlantis Ballroom at the Toms River NJ, and the new wedding plans were in motion. “Tracy was so attentive, considerate and understood how time sensitive everything was. She was quick, efficient and gave us everything we wanted and more,” said Megan.


When the wedding reception date finally came, it was “smooth sailing.” Everyone at the Atlantis Ballroom made the experience for Megan, her fiancé, and her guests everything she could have hoped for.

“Tracy and everyone at the Atlantis Ballroom made our reception an amazing, lifetime memory. It was a blessing in disguise that our original venue was damaged in the storm because I don’t think anything else would have compared to the service, food, room and overall experience,” Megan said.


Tracy from the Atlantis Ballroom added, “I’m so inspired by Megan and by all the other brides and grooms who came to us after Hurricane Sandy. When their plans were thrown into chaos, they didn’t give up. They figured out how to move forward.”


Atlantis Ballroom is one of the many Jersey Shore banquet venues that has been able to provide its services to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Dates change, and plans change… but with teamwork, ingenuity, and Jersey style toughness, brides and grooms are making it work.

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