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NJ Wedding Sign Styles and Ideas

August 20, 2019 | Posted in Trends, Weddings

There are so many different elements to planning a successful New Jersey wedding ceremony and reception. Yet, it’s the small details that really bring everything together. Take, for instance, wedding signs. They’re a great addition for the ceremony and reception. They can accent your decor while also helping guests to navigate their way through the wedding venue in NJ. Below are a few wedding signage ideas you can incorporate into your planning details. 

Welcome All

A great way to greet all of your guests (without physically being there at the moment) is to have welcome signs posted near the wedding ceremony destination. A simple message of thanks including the name of the bride and groom lets guests know they’re in the right place and appreciated for attending. 

guest books

Guest Book

Some couples have forgone the wedding book with pen and paper and opted to have guests sign their names on boards and other unique items. Instructing your guests with signs is an easy way to keep the front door from getting too crowded. 

This Way to the Party!

When your ceremony and reception aren’t being held at the same ballroom in NJ, your guests could get turned around on where to go. A great way to inform them is to have navigational signs pointing them to the festivities. 

Seating Arrangements

Not every couple hands out name cards to accompany their table numbers, they prefer a seating chart which is usually nicely designed on a wedding sign. Attendees can briefly view the sign to see where their name and table number are. 

Photo Signs

Unless you’ve specifically asked your guests not to take any photos (which can also be made into a sign), another way to incorporate wedding signage is to post signs about photos. Perhaps you’d like them to share them on your wedding website or add a hashtag to get your wedding day trending. Whatever your wishes are as a couple when it comes to photos, you can send a simple message with the right sign. 

Wedding signs can be cute, simple, messages of love to your family and friends. They can also be used to direct traffic, provide instructions, and give further details on the day’s events. Hopefully, you were able to draw some inspiration from the wedding sign ideas listed above.

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